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Watches and Clocks of Their Majesties Forces (Book by Knirim)

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ISBN: 978-3-89355-260-3
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Titel: British Military Timepieces: Watches and Clocks of Their Majestic Forces
Author: Dr. Konrad Knirim
ISBN: 978-3-89355-260-3 / 9783893552603
Facts: 800 Pages, in Color, DIN A4, Language: English / German

Book about Watches and Clocks of the British Military

Observatory Clocks, Chronometers, Chronometer Watches, Deck Watches, Pocket Watches, Ship‘s Clocks, Zig-Zag Clocks, Aircraft Clocks, Instrument Clocks, Mantle Clocks,  WT Watches, Asdic Timers,  Artillery Stop Watches, Trench Watches, Waterproof  Wrist Watches, Wrist Chronographs, Pilot‘s Watches, Diver‘s Watches, General Service Watches

A large detailed reference book cataloguing the wide variety of chronometers, deck watches, pocket watches, wristwatches and clocks used by the British Army, Navy and Air Force in the 19th and 20th century. There are also chapters on watches used by Commonwealth and French Forces as well as Japan. Konrad Knirim came to fame when he produced his book on German Military Timepieces in 2002 (Vol I), which established him as the foremost authority. Now new: Vol II: British Military Timepieces describes all British Military Timepieces: - the precision pendulum clocks of the Royal Observatory - the chronometers of the Royal Navy - RN ship's and other wall clocks RAF mantle clocks and instrument timers - aircraft clocks and aircrew watches from the RFC, the RNAS and the RAF - chronometer watches and deck watches of the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force - pocket watches and timers of all three services - wrist watches, chronographs and diver's watches until today - the appendix contains Japanese, Australian, US, French and Canadian timepieces. British Military Timepieces contains 800 pages and describes over 1200 timepieces with excellent supporting photographs throughout. It is bi-lingual with each page having two texts; English to the left and German to the right.

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