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Early Swiss Wristwatches and their Manufacturers 1910 -1930 (Book by Vermeij / Koen)

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ISBN: 978-9-462330-65-8
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TitleEarly Swiss Wristwatches and their Manufacturers 1910 -1930; A Research into the 13-ligne Lever Escapement Movement
Author: Koen Vermeij & Leo van Rijn
ISBN: 978-9-462330-65-8 / 9789462330658
Facts: 2nd revised editon 2o15, size: 24 x 17 cm, soft cover, pages: 280, full colour
Language: English

Book about manufacturers of 13-lines (0-size) Swiss lever escapement movements of the early 20th century

The book - over 280 pages, in full colour with about 600 photographs, provides a method of identifying the many anonymous manufacturers of 13-lines (0-size) Swiss lever escapement movements of the early 20th century. The core of this work is a database of about 120 extensively researched 13-line movements. Introductory chapters deal with the developments towards machine watch manufacturing, the transition from pocket watch to wristwatch, a depiction of the outside of this type of watch and a technical description of the 13-line movement. This is followed by an elaborate explanation of the research. Thereafter a new ‘tool’ for identification is introduced. In a final chapter remarks and conclusions are presented as well as extensive references.

This publication will certainly fill a niche in the market, and it has the potential of becoming a reference book in its category, as it forms a unique source of information for collectors of trench-watches and anyone interested in early 20th century Swiss watchmakers.

(ca. 4300 kB)

Some reader comments:

This is a very welcome initiative of the two authors to bring brightness into the darkness of the early days of the Swiss wristwatch. [...] The advantage of the book is that it introduces a new method of identifying movements. The authors lead the reader with a rather well researched historical overview to the subject. In a compact, but informative way the technical manufacturing development of watchmaking in the 18th and 19th century is described, [...] accompanied by a richly illustrated analysis of the various design features and the technical history of the 13-ligne Swiss lever movement.
Dr.B.H.- Germany

It’s a nice piece of work! The number of calibers that are described in details is just impressive.
Congratulations to you and Koen.
J.P. - France

Someone had the book at the last De Rikketik event and it looked great to me. Now that I 've been able to go a bit more into its content I think it is an outstanding work. Congratulations!!
P.C. - Spain

Superb publication.
A.J.M – United Kingdom

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